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Welcome to the world of Asva


The South Indian king is a skilled strategist who can turn the tide of any battle in his favor. He is an expert in negotiation and is known for his ability to solve even the most complex problems. He also has an excellent army and navy to protect the seas.


The Arab King is a skilled strategist who always has a plan up his sleeve. He is a natural leader who inspires his soldiers to fight for their faith. He is known to unify masses, is fair and just, and always looks out for the best interests of his people.


A charismatic leader, brave and fierce, he is known for his ability to inspire his troops on the battlefield and devise excellent, head-on battle strategies to intimidate the enemy.

Rani Sahiba

Beautiful, graceful, but most importantly, she is a tactical genius. Ferocious and brave, she is known to formulate unique battle strategies to confuse the enemy. She is an inspiration on the battlefield and her leadership is greatly respected by all who serve under her.


The Mughal king is a brilliant tactician, and is known for his innovative ideas. He has a fierce army, and a brilliant court of ministers for resource management but most of all, he has an eye for all things beautiful and is a patron of all forms of art.